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*****PLEASE READ***** 

Our technology department is working hard to get all our students connected to our home usage links. If your child can't log in, please be patient, they assure us they are trying to fix this issue.  Thank you for your patience. (9/18/19)

*Student login information: Your child should know their password, if not, they can ask their teacher. 

ClassLink is a portal where your child can access our school's resources by logging in only once: Some of the many resources are: 



Ed1Stop has resources for students and parents to use. It is run by the Contra Costa County Office
 of Education.

Google Suite: 
To enhance learning and increase understanding of technology, OUESD is including Google Suite as one of our educational resources available to all students. Google Suite was selected for many reasons including functionality, accessibility, reliability and affordability.
Google Suite FAQs

Lexia Reading Core 5

Lexia Reading Core 5 is a technology-based reading program that increases reading proficiency for all students  pre-K - grade 5 and at-risk students, grades 4 - 12.

Almost all of the components that make Lexia work are web based such as Adobe Flash & Student data,
so this program is subject to your internet connectivity (internet speed).
The initial connection to Lexia’s site may take a couple of seconds to load, please be patient.

****Please Note: Lexia Core 5 software is intended for independent practice by the student without assistance from parents or siblings. Please allow your child to work in the program at their pace without your guidance. Typical sessions should be 20-30 minutes, 3-5 times per week or as directed by school staff. The software will monitor progress and only allow students to progress when they have mastered a skill.

Have your child log in to ClassLink. 
Click on the Lexia app. If the app is not present, click the + sign and search for Lexia, then add the app to the page. Click the X to exit.