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A good school experience, which prepares students for life, encompasses more than just academic subjects. For that reason, the Oakley Union School District has trained all teachers in teaching Lifeskills. Summer Lake will continue to provide a strong basic academic program, a wide variety of enrichment and activity based lessons, and continue implementing Lifeskills.

Lifeskills are skills all people need to be successful in life. In all classes students will get the opportunity to learn what they entail, see how they fit in with real life, and practice how they look and feel. Our success will be measured by how students apply these skills outside the classroom, as well as during class time. We will be recognizing students monthly at our special student assemblies for demonstrating Lifeskills.

List of Life skills

  • Caring: Being considerate of others
  • Common Sense: Making wise decisions and using good judgment
  • Cooperation: Working together
  • Courage: To act according to one’s set of beliefs
  • Curiosity: A desire to learn and know about all things
  • Effort: Working hard and being willing to do my personal best
  • Flexibility: Willing to change plans when necessary
  • Friendship: Knowing how to make and keep a good friend
  • Initiative: Taking the first step
  • Integrity: To be honest
  • Organization: To be able to plan in an orderly way
  • Patience: Taking time to do something
  • Perseverance: Finishing what you begin
  • Problem Solving: Finding out what you know and using it
  • Responsibility: Being dependable and trustworthy
  • A sense of Humor: To laugh and be playful without hurting others
  • Respect: To have high regard, esteem