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Welcome to the Summer Lake Library! We have so many wonderful books on the shelves and students are enjoying checking them out. 

Mrs. Seeno and stuffed Sea Turtle
Mrs. Seeno and Lishelle

I'm Mrs. Seeno and I am the Library Media Technician for Summer Lake. I live very close to our school with my husband and youngest son (and our cat, Cleo). I have four sons, two daughters-in-law, a grandson and a granddaughter. I love reading and sharing books.

Summer Lake Library

We have a Summer Lake Library Amazon Wish List. If you would like to support the library, you can purchase an item on the list and donate it to the Library. You can bring it in or have it shipped to us directly at 4320 E. Summer Lake Dr., Oakley, CA 94561 .

Thank you!

Destiny Discover Page

To access the Summer Lake Elementary Library catalog, select the Destiny Online button and choose Summer Lake Elem Sch. You will arrive at the Summer Lake Elem Sch. Destiny Discover page. Use your normal school login and password.

Library Permission Slip

A signed library permission slip needs to be on file for a student to take a library book home. Students brought these home during the week of August 1st. If you need another copy please see below.

It's Not Just Books in our Library

Our "I Spy" box always has several things to seek and find.
Turtle reading book

California Young Reader Medal

We participated in the 2021/2022 California Young Reader Medal Contest. Students listened to the nominated books and then had  the opportunity to vote for their favorite. All votes were sent to the CYRM committee. And the winners are....

Drawn Together 

The Skydiving Beavers: A True Tale

Check out the 2022/2023 nominees here.

Poetry Bulletin Board
April was Poetry Month. Students celebrated by keeping a poem in their pocket to take and reading it when they want.
Pumpkin vine
Our pumpkin in a jar, Jack, started to grow blossoms in March.